A lifetime Universe Online

Marvel may be racking up the hits in the movie theaters, but DC is looking to make huge gains with DC Universe Online. The games been in beta for a while now, and is scheduled to release next month (1/11/11). I'm actually getting really excited about it, and even though there's not a version for the X360, I plan to play the PC version for a while. The game is available on dual platform for both PC and PS3.

The plus part for me is it's being released by SOE, which I've had enjoyable games from. Alot of people hate SOE, particularly after Galaxies had the Combat Upgrade and later the New Game Enhancements, but honestly both of those things made the game better. The other nice part is that DCUO is already gearing up to both be on the station account from the start and offering a lifetime subscription. The latter is more important to me as after I played Galaxies for 6 years, I definitely spent more than a one time lifetime subscription would cost.

The real benefit for the lifetime sub (and I wish I'd have gotten one when Champions Online launched) is that honestly you can go back into the game at any time. There aren't many games that haven't lasted less than a year, and at $15/month you'll spend the that in the first 13 months. Plus considering the amount of time/advertising and money the two companies (DC and Sony) involved have with this game the likelyhood of it disappearing quickly is slim.

Honestly, from what I"m hearing of the beta, it's a fun action MMO that lets you fight alongside some of the biggest names in the DC universe. How can you pass that up for fun?

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