Back in Vietnam

I've been playing Battlefield:Vietnam for about a week now, and honestly it's more fun than I expected. That being said there's still some things DICE needs to address, and I'm gonna tell em right now.

First, there is still an issue with persistant stat tracking on console. I can imagine this the kind of thing PC users might not run into, but it's very annoying to log into the game, and still have the same stats as the last time you logged in despite the last X hours of killing. It's not game breaking, but it is annoying, and it's not even something new to Vietnam. It's really heightened by the fact that Vietnam has badges directly based on some of you stats, so if you plan to log in to grind weapon kills (an unfortunate badging necessity), you might not bee seeing accurate numbers at first. I imagine this is the sort of thing that might be hard to track down, but as a user it's just as annoying.

Second, map rotation is still annoying. Vietnam only has 4 maps (the fifth one opens after alot of work), and like Battlefield, you play those maps from the point of Team A, then switch and play Team B. That makes since for Rush, since that game type is a team objective capture based game, but for conquest, which is basically an open sqaud death match, it doesn't. On top of that you may end up rotating in the same map depending on how many people leave, so you can (I have) end up playing the same map 4 times. Again considering there are only 4 maps, this is poor planning.

Now I get it, Modern Warfare 2 released DLC maps with 5 (and some of those recycled) maps, but that's not really an excuse. Comparatively, Modern Warfare gives you way more gametypes on disc, and way more maps on disc, and despite all that 5 maps is not a great bargin for $15. So for Dice to follow suit is definitely a money grab. Honestly, in this scenario, I would have hoped the maps also patched into Onslaught mode (another mode that will get no love, and was definitely underplanned, or should have been on disc).

Third, I can take down a helicopter with my handgun. Easily. Actually easier than I can shoot down a helicopter with a turret from another helicopter or car. I don't honestly know if that's a problem with the Huey, the handgun or the turret, but it's a problem with one of them.

Fourth. Spotting is not the same. Maybe it's too easy in the main game, but I can see people I can't spot. Spotting in my opinion is THE best team benefit the game should be exporting, and for it to not work consistently in the game is sad.

Fifth (and final). Let's work on the UI please? I shouldn't have to start a round in order to be able to access the exit game options. I should be able to see my weapon stats from the between round screen where I can see my points from the previous match. I shouldn't have the change kit button be the same button as disarming the bomb. I have a directional pad, why do I only have 2 directions I can press to access items.

Minor, maybe. Game changing, definitely. DICE obviously has something great with Battlfield, considering how long the series has been out, but maybe they haven't looked at what's working and what can be improved.

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