Going back after breaking up is hard to do!

So Galaxies is offering a free return for veteran players until the end of November. I hadn't played since I got my new monitor and video card (and some time before that as well), so I logged back in, and while my hardware makes everything fast, it doesn't change some parts of the experience.

I guess I should start with the beginning of why I left. Mostly it was a combination of things, the George Lucas interview on The Daily Show, the Clone Wars cartoon, the Galaxies forums, and Karen Traviss. See GL basically said he didn't care how invested the fans were in what was built, that it's a work of fiction and you shouldn't take it too serious, which I understand his premise, but the reality of the situation was alot of the stuff coming out was bad. The Clone Wars is passable, but not as engaging as the 5 min episodes when the movies were out, and definitely rewriting some of the events in the movie. I can't care about a Padawan who I know either dies or leaves, and one that Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, and anyone else in Episode III doesn't bother to mention. Leave Obi and Anakin out of the series and make it about other people that we don't know their fate and I'm good.

But it didn't stop there, Karen Traviss had to move on from her excellent Republic Commando Series, not for any real reason, other than they planned to retcon all the work she'd done for the show. Well I had more invested in the world of her books than the show would ever give me, so that's the third strike. Combine that with the constant complaints of the Galaxies forums (which by this time I'd been away from) and the reality of server merges, content that was years too late and I' djust begun to lose interest. I have friends that play and still play, and I'd love to care about the world, but Star Wars just isn't the same. Even now I can't bring myself to be enthused about The Old Republic for SW sake, I only care as an interest in BioWare (which is a far cry from how I felt when KOTOR was released).

So how was it going back, honestly I can't say. Part of me says to open one of my 3 accounts at least to play the TCG (which is still fun), and part of me says when Galaxies is giving out Indiana Jones gifts (hat and whip for returning players, and wearable if they convert before the end of Nov) that's more indication it might not be the train taking me where I want to go. So for at least the next few days, I'll sit in the station and look at the map to find out.

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