Assassins and Regrets

The regrets part of the title is for the loss of talented individuals who shaped our lives here recently. Both Leslie Neilsen and Irvin Kershner pass in these last two days, and the world is alot poorer for it. They had lived full lives and produced some of the best work that shaped me as an individual. Our prayers go out to their families and friends.

On a review side, I actually was able to play the multiplayer for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I knew going in that the concept was a great one, and the execution is as well. If there is anything that I have a problem with (outside of multiplayer badges), is the other players. This setup is the game you want to play with 7 of your best friends. Unlike COD or other FPS where you don't mind killing random strangers, I found myself wanting to play this at a lan party, able to talk trash while stalking.

The best part of the multiplayer game, clearly is that you can blend in with the crowd, and if you're smart, you'll stand next to groups of npc's that look just like you, until your prey comes to you, or until you escape. It can be nerve racking considering how fast a kill can happen, and how quick a stun can change some things, and that's the thing I love. The tension is a great effect, but the real problem I run into is the same i had with Red Dead Redemption.

People don't play that way.

I don't know why in a stalker game you would go high profile, running on ledges and doing all the traditional in game moves, but I see that alot. I wish a patch was released taht had the npc's doing it as well, but I'm sure players would find another way to say, "I'm right here, look at me". the kill and escape being killed setup works perfectly, as does the surrounding story, and this is a mode that I can't imagine AC:3 (or whatever the next game is named) not having going forward.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is leaps ahead of it's predecessor for this and other in game changes and sets a great example for other series to take a chance and think about how best to add to the series.

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