All about the Brotherhood

I recently had a chance to check back into my favorite current day piece of historical fiction that is Assassin's Creed. Honestly, I didn't play the multiplayer yet, because the story on the main player is so engaging. I find a few things interesting though, and I hope to have a full review later this week.

First, I actually enjoy the simultaneous story with Ezio and Desmond. While Desmond is by far the less intriguing of the two, Ezio really allows you to live the story and the Renaissance setting is vastly better than Altair's. I do however think the game could only have started with Altair, as some features like the leap of faith would make less sense out of context.

The story itself is also very intriguing since, they won't tell me what it is. The hints from the previous subjects and the times were using the Apple all remind you that there is something going on, and everytime I think I'm going to learn more, I get just enough and a cliffhanger. Honestly, I wonder how much longer this can go on, as the payoff has to be huge for this much misdirection. I'm pretty sure it's aliens though, but at this point honestly, lol who knows.

I did wonder if having time spent solely in Rome was going to be too repetitive, considering some of the other cities in AC2 were. Rome however is well thought out, and makes you want to explore it even more.

That last one makes me think of another point I had before. For all you people who complain about doing the same thing over again, please don't forget YOU'RE AN ASSASSIN. That's kinda a one trick pony, and the game makes sure you have to assassinate people in different scenarios. Perhaps that the secret killer in me talking, but either way it's great fun.

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