A perfect game

I recently picked up NBA2K11, which for some reason is a surprise to alot of people. It's not that I'm adverse to sports games, I just tend to not follow sports in real life. The thing about me though, is I'll try a game that's easily touted as one of the best games made in a heartbeat.

2K11, from 2K Games, is a marvel of design. This game is beautiful and plays smoothly, yet is complex enough that you won't be able to easily jump in and feel like Jordan, unless you're playing the Jordan challenges. It's loaded with features like a current NBA games list (where you can play the actual lineup set for that day), the aformentioned Jordan challenge (you play the some of the highlight games of his career with not just winning as your goal, but actually accomplishing what he did) as well as a My player section where you create your own toon, and then try to make it in the NBA. These's more but that's all I've gotten to as my time has been spent enjoying my created toon.

In the My Player section, the amount of detail placed in a game is outstanding. When you're benched, you can either watch the game from the sidelines (POV), or of course sim til you're put back in, and sometimes that might not happen. You also will run into your share of ball hogs, and you might even end up in teh NBA D league if you're bad enough. That last one I know from experience. Plus the game isn't all fast breaks. Honestly, it might not be alot of fast breaks, depending on your stats. My character is an all-around model and I figured it would serve me well, but shooting is based on stick release timing, and I have none of it, so I can't shoot, and even if I could, I have moderate stats on if I'd hit.

Frustrating, yes, Fun very, but still frustrating.

The game however does drive you to be better with ever game you play. Not only are you spending time trying to get better, you can tell from your actions that your team may not like how you play, and they may hold the ball from you, which still makes you have to step up your game to be better if for no other reason than to prove it to yourself.

And that's my experience on the Clippers. I know right...

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