A little PushBack

DCUO was recently pushed back to early next year (2011), and while i was really gearing up to play it next month, I'm both anxious and relieved. Anxious because it'll be going again a much larger anticipated game with TOR, and relieved because it is a sign they are trying to make the game great. It's odd seeing a console/PC exclusive that isn't X360/Microsoft, but DCUO at the moment is being developed for PC/PS3. Since it is a SOE title, I imagine it will run great on Playstation, and better on PC, but the SOE haters will probably show their face. They still hate Galaxies after all these years, and while I think it's time Galaxies went free to play, I'm not signing off on their discussions.

The more interesting thing to me is how DCUO will try to differ itself from both Champions and City of Heroes. Intellectual property is always a great start, but Champions is physically beautiful, and full of improving content and alt-itis inspiring outfits. I've never played City of..., but the games got an established fan base and a ton of content going for it now already. Just being able to fight next to Batman and Supes might not be the strongest pull. I do think that Jim Lee as creative director is a good start, and hopefully from looking at some of the trailers, the game will be a bit innovative and most importantly large, interactive and fun!

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