On a short Unleashed...

I honestly wanted to play Fable III first.

I got both Fable III and the Force Unleashed II yesterday, and in the little spare time I have, I honestly wanted to jump back into Albion, but I knew i wasn't going to be a short adventure so I figured burn through TFU2, since it's obviously the shorter of the two.

I'll spare you the spoiler details, but here's what to expect.

First TFU2, is the direct sequel to TFU. The beginning could just as easily pick up where the first game left off. It became apparent to me that TFU isn't so much an aberration of the original movies as it is a variant history. The first and second games fit together like a secret apprentice version of Ep 4 and 5 hitting some of the similar themes as the original movies.

If you played the first game you know how the quick time events work. They're back and in force, but unfortunately, there isn't a variety of things that have them. Expect the same few AT-?T's

This game is noticeably shorter than the first, which was a short game. The added challenge section is an ok addition, but some of the challenges are more frustrating than fun. The game also notices if you had a previous save and loads some of the old costumes. It's a nice feature, and hopefully something they didn't put too much development time into.

The powers are fun, and the controls have been given a tweaked upgrade. If you played the first, expect it to fit like a glove, and this time the glove is actually made for your hand. There are a few camera issues here and there, and some sections where Starkiller doesn't respond to what you put in, but it's mostly few and far between. Expect more or less the same 24 saber moves, but you'll feel alot more powerful this time.

Expect big cinema. This game was one of the best star wars movies. It was cheesy, and had great over the top action. This was something the first one did well, and you can expect some great scenes as you play through this game. Some gameplay scenes you will actually wish the movies had!

Expect a slightly better usr interface. Gone are the at a glance updates for all the things you need to find in a level when selecting, but the load times are really reduced. I wish clothes changes were on the fly like lightsaber color crystals are but overall it's faster to upgrade powers and weapons. While you can tell which crystals you are missing, there doesn't seem to be a quick was for me to tell which boards I've found everything in.

Also missing is a theatre section. For a game with such a heavy cinematic presence, there is no easy way to replay the videos. This becomes even more glaring when you can unlock more cinematics from the challenges. The game is going to force you to play it at least twice for all the achievements (Unleashed, the toughest difficulty is locked at the beginning), so it should have given us the ability to watch the well rendered non-game sections.

Overall, if you purchased or played TFU, you know what to expect from TFU2. I wish the dev team had spent some more time on more levels to really expand them, but what they gave you is fun, if not repetitive. It's more of the first game, and that's what matters, and I suspect alot of people would rather have had this as DLC for the original than the trials packs. I'd say rent it if you aren't a completionist, or buy it, and work to finish it fast so you can get the most of your trade. It's fun, but there's not enough to justify the price or keep you busy for that long.

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