Witch Hunt

So the first of my closer DLC came out this week. I was able to play Witch Hunt for Dragon Age: Origins, and while sometimes glitchy, it doesn't bring any true answers.

Nothing you shouldn't have figured out though.

The DLC offers about 2 hours of gameplay, maybe less, and 100 Gamerscore. I don't know what that translates too in Playstation, but essentially, it's not a lot more to do. Like Golems, Witch Hunt has a badge for beating the "boss" on Hard or Nightmare. This time around though, they give you a full party of 4, including your dog and a mage. You're dog wrecks stuff (or at least mine did). It's also nice having a mage running heals, and while he's not Wynne, he can be helpful. The other nice part though, is that you can import your toon from Awakening. In this case, I used my high level Warden from after Awakenings and the following DLC, which allowed him to be almost untouchable.

I'm thinking of taking the untouchable Warden back into a second Golems run for it's badge on Hard as well.

But the part you actually want to hear...

Witch Hunt is a blatant last grab for Dragon Age 2 setup. It leaves more questions than answers and makes you wonder how much of it will be addressed in the sequel. We know we're not dealing with the Warden anymore, but we're left wondering how dangerous Flemeth is going to be, what's up with Morrigan and a lot of questions about the mirrors you see in the Dalish elf origin. Ultimately, if you enjoy Dragon Age, you'll like this, probably more than Golems, and since it's not "hard" content, you can play casually without frustration.

Right now, as it stands, Dragon Age: 2 is going to have alot to live up to, and we'll see how that works out for them next year!

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