My Civilization

Civiliation 5 release on Tuesday, and it was probably to little fanfare. The game itself if very much a traditional Civ PC game, and if you haven't played it before, now is a decent time to get on. There are some interesting changes, but overall it just makes it a more robust game and one that could be interesting in challenge.

The first thing you'll notice, and the thing mostly hyped is the addition of hexagons as units as opposed to the sqaures from before. It's not world changing, but is does offer a nice change, especially since you can only garrison 1 unit in a city now. Yes that means that a city can be taken fairly easy now, especially when you can get alot of units near and some ranged units at distance. Cities now can also defend for themselves, and you can only garrison 1 unit in a city. This goes along with the new inability to have more than 1 unit of a type in a space. There seem to only be 2 types of units, combat and support. The support includes the Great people, so don't expect workers to be all over the place like before.

You'll find gold plays a huge part, not just in purchasing upgrades, but now you can purchase tiles for your cities to work. This is a nice feature since as your cities grow, they may not get new tiles automatically. It also can quickly make a nearby civilization a bit jealous when you buy up land near them. You'll also be able to use gold to purchase allies. Good gold management will definitely be a difference maker the higher difficulties.

More on this as I find it.

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