Good looking Civilization

Maybe 2K games reads my blog, but more than likely they just read their own forums, since a patch for Civilization V was released recently and it not only addressed modding, but the crashing.

The latter was vastly more important to me.

I've found this game to be a bit easier than previous Civilizations, and it's not because of one thing in particular. Like in real life, technology makes a huge difference in how a war will end. IN this game not only is the economy (your gold production basically) directly tied to how many units you have, but so is your city count.

Before you could make tons of units and stack them all in a tile to keep a city from being take. Now it's a few more powerful units will take a city quickly. And probably kill a less technologically advanced group of troops in the process. Just the difference between a Rifleman and Musketeer is huge (before not so much).

Also the computer seems to love to posture about how it's about to attack you. It's always been easy to notice huge troop buildup, but in this case the expansion of an empire using conquered puppet states is the giveaway. Napoleon in the game I'm playing, make a huge rush through Arabia, Egypt and a couple of city state and then told me they needed my land. Somehow they had taken all the other states using only about 10 troops, but I'd seen a bit in advance and built up my own 20+ troop army/ highly defendable cities.

BTW City attack is awesome now.

That also didn't go so well for him.

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