Explora the Vibora

Vibora Bay is the latest expansion zone for Champions Online. It's a high level area that is a great alternative to Monster Island or Lemuria with quests in line with a supernatural comic book. You would expect vampires and werewolves, but you also get fallen angel voodoo and possessed street gangs, and somehow it all makes sense (in a comic book way).

The intro crisis is engaging, perhaps moreso than any of the others, and I don't know if that's because they've had time to grow and learn, or if it just that much more fun. Vibora Bay definitely has it's own feel, and unlike the other zones, it it very cohesive. You fell like you're in the middle of a gang war and not only is it about to attack you, it's about to take over the city.

Now for the bad. I'd come back to Champions for the anniversary week, and really wanted to check out the current content since my last foray. I've had a great time powering through Vibora Bay, but man is it repetitive. Expect alot of dungeon crawling, and alot of running. In the end I found myself using my teleport power alot more than before, not because flight wasn't getting me there fast enough, but moreso to avoid the throngs of mobs they throw at you while you walk down the same crypt or sewer for the 50th time. Intially it's fun, and you find it interesting to explore, but you will want to get out and see some more of the zone. They did a great job with the levels that are interiors, but you only go to the bars once, and that's a shame.

You can also expect a ton of Champions humor, which is all pop culture based. Depending on how you like the game, you either know what to expect or will be pleasantly surprised. In the end it's another great addition, and my only real problem with it is that I want to finish the end game. Champions itself is such a powerleveling solo game except when it comes to the boss fights and they force you to find a team. I wish Cryptic would allow me to finish the missions solo, and then let teams reward you with better loot more experience or something. The worst frustration is to go through a great story and not be able to find out how it ends because there's no one online in your zone.

Hopefully I'll be able to complete the Serpents Lantern Adventure pack before the deadline, but since that's tomorrow, I doubt it.

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