4 Days

With both the Shadow Broker and Witch hunt being released on the same day, I'm finding it hard to contain my enthusiam. I'm really looking forward to Witch Hunt (the Dragon Age DLC for those you trying to keep up), and I think if you enjoed the game you'll find it a good addition.

I may be wierd, but I personally enjoyed the Dalish Elf storyline almost as much as the Human Noble. In part because it's the only storyline where you don't lose everything to treachery, and in part because it introduces magic and the darkspawn in a different way. Honestly, the plot of the Dalish would be the same at the end if you didn't stumble upon them, but they are the only set that offers up a different way of looking at the residents of Ferelden.

So it makes me Happy that Morrigan is involved with that type of magic. The game makes a huge deal about the Chantry and how mages are treated, but it never goes into how magic exists in other forms. Morrigan is really the only character exploring those bonds and hopefully this DLC will expand on that. I honestly wouldn't get my hopes up on too long an expansion though, as Leiliana's Song was perhaps a few hours (to get all the badges), and Golems was longer, but far inferior I'm hoping at best for another 2 hours. My only wish is that I could use my Origins party and not the made up people who will die and mean nothing to me.

Here's a look (thanks to Gametrailers)

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