Kids Today

Perhaps I'm just old school, or petty, but this punishment isn't nearly as tough as it should be.

Here's the jist. Kid gets caught cheating in a Socom contest, so they get mad and plant a virus in the Socom site that brings it down for 11 days. Of course Sony sues and wins, but the amount they win for gets dropped by alot, because the judge thinks that's too harsh.

Call me bitter, or call me old-fashioned, but after cheating, then retaliation for cheating, it's obvious this kid knew what he was doing and was going after it with intent. Now while I can't speak to the intelligence level of this kid, since he got caught both times cheating, and alot of people make kits that make planting viruses easy, I can speak to his punishment and IMO he got off easy. I'd really push for more expensive fine and some jail time.

But maybe that's just me.

It's been a long 2 weeks now, since my X360 has been out for repair. After 3 years of ownership, it Red Ringed on me. I realize the model that I have was one of the last of that initial batch, or one of the first of the new batch around the time Microsoft released a new console chipset that supposedly fixed it, so Red Rings of Death have always hung over me like a Sword of Damocles. I had hoped to avoid it in any interation, but I think some local power issues forced the issue.

The nice part is that it should be back today and I can gets me some Halo:Reach beta multiplayer time in, but barring delivery issues, I will have it this week.

Here's to patience right.

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TriadDragon said...

Yeah they should have slapped that kid around more. If for no other reason than he was stupid enough to get caught twice. But then I think $33k was pretty cheap considering he knocked their site out for 11 days... that seems like pretty reduced already if you were to factor in potential lost funds.

That sucks about your 360 though. So far ours has behaved (knock on wood). Mark that I work with had my old one and it Red Ringed on him but it was still under PRP and he took it in and got an Elite, new replacement plan, and a game (I think) based on cost difference from when I got it. The good news there (outside of same day replacement for him) is that I got the Reward Zone points lol.