High on Definition

There is a psychological thrill to gaming in 1080p, especially when you're coming from SD.

There were alot of things I never knew I was missing playing the XBox through regular definition, and for some reason I was sure the PS3 required a High Definition TV in order to function. It never dawned on me that it might just want one, but otherwise work either way.

So, after much searching, and saving, I picked up a 40" Sony Bravia. The irony for me being that I had planned so long on having Samsung Technology, that getting anything else seemed wrong.

But the Bravia displays.

It's the perfect size for me, and it was a fantastic price. A clearance item from Big Blue, ths model was being sold for around 60% of the regular price.

That being said, I'm actually experiencing a new level of gaming. Controls, visuals, everything I normally compensated for is now at my fingertips.

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