Call of Duty is Dead, Long live call of Duty

Activision is chugging on, announcing the newest release in the Call of Duty Franchise will be released on Nov 9, of this year. Call of Duty:Black Ops, will bring players out of the World War II setting, something we all expected and into more modern times, and if the name suggests anything, into a different type of special ops.

I'm doubting Treyarch will be doing anything similar to Crysis, but I can imagine this being a War based game set in either Vietnam or later. I think/hope they're trying to take us to places we haven't really explored, and frankly I'm tired of fighting Germans. Even the last leg march of World at War was getting a bit repetitive, with the tropical climate and jungle setting, so here's hoping for some variety.

The site for the game is up, but apparently won't display content until later on tonight. So keep your eyes peeled in between Super Street Fighter sessions, or in my case, while I'm waiting on my X360 to be returned.

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