The time between Game Updates

This time around has been fairly fast with Chronicler hitting, and now DeathTroopers is on TC as of last week. It looks like we will have DT soon, followed up by the Galactic Moon festival shortly thereafter.

The wierd part is that in all the waiting I picked up another game.

I've been playing Champions Online for the weekend and it is a fun game. It shows some things about Galaxies that alot of people miss (customizable templates) and alot of things that people wish they had (instanced worlds, but everyone can play together). It's no replacement for SWG, and in no way does it try, it's a superhero game through and through. That got me thinking, this game which was obviously inspired by Pen and paper RPG's is a shining example of that medium. Galaxies has no source inspiration. Some would say the movies, but that's hardly true, nor can you effectively refernce the books. The Star Wars game we play is in fact limited in scope because of it's setting rather than in spite of it.

Alot of people would probably say otherwise. I often read that Star Wars is the largest industry and that a Star Wars game should be the best selling from the sheer amount of fans. That's not true unfortunately. WoW does well, because it has a built in game playerbase first. It is a easy to jump into game second, and it's quest continue a story that has been engaging.

Star Wars has no such story. If we choose Imperial, based on the movies, we ultimately lose. If we choose the Rebellion we know we ultimately win in movie canon. Even if we extend it to the EU, you get confused. Plus Star Wars fans are not homogenous. Some love the OT and hate the PT, some love the post movie EU, and some the Old Republic. Some people for some reason even like Dash Rendar.

So what's the point.

The point is, play whatever games you like. And make suggestions that make the game better as a whole. Learn from other games, but consider if their lessons can be applied everywhere. Consider other points of view. Ultimately we need subscribers to keep the game afloat.

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