Rapid Fire releases

Part 3 of the furious release schedule is upon us and the annual Galactic Moon Festival is here again. Last year's festival brought activities that reached far into the future influencing this year Ewok Life Day as well. I think the hologram costume is going to be one of the permanent fixtures of SWG for a while to come.

People love dressing up, and pretending to be something else (even if they are already pretending to be someone else in a game), so the additional content even though it is repeatable is a welcomed add on.

Alot of people want some bug bashing to be done between now and the GCW update, but I'm not neccesarily one of them. I think the game needs more PVE and PVP content developed to bring us up to the same speed as some of the other MMO's out there. Now I'm not saying Galaxies should mimic them, but as DeathTroopers has shown us, we can have SW related content that people will actually think is fun and replayable. This is the focus I want to see them take, and it will better the game as a result.

The one highlight of the game that keeps coming back to me whenever I think of things they should add, is the village. Particularly the phases of the village. The beauty of having something in game that brought people together to fight was that you never had the same challenge twice. The sith that were attacking were vicious, and if you were low on numbers there you would get killed, but man it was fun.

I've noticed some other games have things like that, short group missions that reset 10 minutes after they finish and just run all day. I think that would work well here.

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