Dathomir Revealed!

As a heads up, I'm considering changing Makashi Stance to cover more of the games I play. I love Star Wars galaxies, but every time I take a hiatus from the game I remember the importance of balance and diversity!

That said,

There is a certain beauty in the release of information about a restricted planet (from a role Players point of view.) Dathomir at this point is totally off limits, even to the point that the troopers sent there are on lifetime assignment, and of course there is no starport, lol.

Dath was the perfect planet to place the DeathTroopers content (the only other one would have been Rori) mainly because it is already so oppressive in look and feel. Dath is in my opinion the toughest planet and the one they got the most accurate. Not only are there tons of spawns everywhere you go, but they also will try to kill you. Yavin wishes it had this type of danger!

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