New lists of wants!

K, This loot card poster is the funniest. I think they read my work at sometimes.

Since I've been on my vacation from Galaxies (which I imagine won't last too long), I've been able to step back and look at the things SWG does well, and the areas I think they can improve. I do keep in mind that the game is 6 years old so I don't try to over reach the capabilities of the system.

1) More quests. I love the sandbox elements but the real downside of Galaxies is that if you can't get people to play together, then you have to give them something to do. There are alot of games that build a ton of quests and that is something we need as well. (Note: I like Chronicler, but it still needs more options).

2) More mini-games. Just like the quests side distractions are a big deal to making the game fun. I wish that the cantina's that actually have lugjack machines and sabacc tables had a minigame that people could play. I would definitely bet that would draw people to them in the spare time if it were a fun simple in game experience. It would be cool if these mini-games could be played together as well as solo.

3) Building levelers. I love we can place buildings almost anywhere, but there are some places we should be able to place and can't because the ground is just acting crazy. I wish we had something that allowed us to drop a foundation so we weren't so limited.

4) More integration. I personally think that more rewards should drop in schematic form. This would tie in the crafting community a bit more than just or deconstructing an item. I'm not looking for crafters to be the money hogs or an upset on the economy, just that I hate having a weapon below it's best. When I get it, I want it ready to use.

5) No-Trade. It has it's place, however I don't think that place is on every object in the game. This needs to be used more sparingly.

6) Less Buffs. Honestly the nice part about some of the other games I've played is that there is no prep time. It doesn't take long to get buffed in Galaxies, but that time could be spent actually doing something rather than preparing to do something. The sad part is buffs are so integrated into our playstyle that people will argue the moment changing them gets brought up.

7) More Star Wars. Deathtroopers is a good start to adding actual Star Wars lore into the game. I think with the ton of EU material there is, we should have a lot more Star Wars related things to do. Gang wars on Corellia/Talus, Crackdown Troopers, Force Hunters on Yavin, Black Sun smuggling everywhere, etc. I hope there's more to come!

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