This Surpasses War!

If you can't really tell what's going on, this is a screenshot of a group of AFK samplers getting Omnihelakium, a Mustafarian Intrusive Ore with give or take 90+% stats across the board. But this isn't just something for the Traders. This ore is also going for 55 cpu from a wealthy trader on the Flurry server (He's in there as well), so from this we can learn that one of the few things that conquers war is greed!

If anyone is looking for a good site to know when good resources spawn, check out The SWGCraft Project. It's a player run site that usually pretty accurate on resource spawn that are active and it breaks them down on a per server or per planet on server base.

On a side note, Having leveled all my toons to on Flurry to 90, I am now left with just the Corellian Sand Panther to name and finish his last 9 levels. He's been great so far and I plan to post picts of his stats soon. I can tell you he is around 15k Ham with abut 700 dps, which is a good amount of damage to add. Part of me is thinking I wish I'd put him on the BH, to hunt with, but after surviving a hunt yesterday from a BH/BM I don't know. The wierd part is that I was grinding comms in Restuss and he tried to get me after I left the base.

I was moderately buffed on the Commando, but moreso because I was running with an Officer than anything. And the BH and his Kimogila just ran straight at me! Well, mines for the pet, and Dots for the BH, a well timed stand fast and rooting myself seemed to do the trick (though I suppose it didn't help him to pop shields first then attack) and there you have it.

Happy Hunting.

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