If you blink you miss it...

Ironically, my last post was my 66th, and it was about zombies.

I missed the promo card drop this weekend, mainly because I wasn't thinking about it with the sprints finishing that friday night, but Ephant Mon is a good card to have if you can get a hold of it.

There also was an interesting Friday Feature about the upcoming Cybernetics in GU 12. The new cybernetics look great, but I love being 100% home grown human. I do hope we wills ee players running around in full cybernetic gear though, as some of the in game characters hae a nice look as well. The only thing I think will be really wierd is people wearing cybernetics but a-tabbing regular clothing to look normal with special abilities.

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TriadDragon said...

As of right now, they have a system in place that is called "cybernetic psychosis" that is going to prevent people from going full borg. They mentioned that there might be a "less than ethical" doctor added in the future that will allow you to by-pass it for a cost (not sure if it will be debuff, cost, etc or if it will even happen). I can see why some people may want the bonuses that can be crafted into them they have mentioned so far but not want to look cyborg. But the bonuses also come at the cost of protection so it will be interesting to see how it turns out.