The Next Big Thing!

So the friday feature was on the upcoming Chronicles system and I have high hopes for this addition to the game. I think the interesting thing is going to be the use of the iconic characters within the story. I'm hoping we won't see an influx of Vader Poop jokes, but I do think there will be both some good ideas and some not so good.

Now I think the funniest issue in game currently is that smugglers PW is ruining the game. But I think the most hilarious issue over time has been the thought that there is an economy in game. The game is more complex than just simple bartering, but to say we have a robust economy is so far from the truth. In order to have a supply and demand economy, you have to have a tradeable good. we use credits obviously, but the economy is not based on them ony being tradeable since we can at any time write our own money by completing missions. The real funny part about this is that there is nothing in game to counter the influx of created money, no decay, no credit sink, so the only option we have is to hold onto them or trade them.

Honestly, new players can make 5 mil. If they aren't getting that from older players then thats 5 mil coming into the economy with no mandatory place to go.

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