So the recently released Developer gameplay footage of SWTOR shows of course gameplay, and some UI elements, but most importantly it shows what I have always thought all along. I think this wil be a fun game, but it will be KOTOR 3 with CO-op.

Now the main reason I say this (outside of the develop comment of waving is what you do in an MMO), is that the elements of voice in the game and the fact that they keep referring to the story as finite. Once they say things like "Once you complete the story you will want to play through again with another class", I immediately hear finite story content with the end game being replay value. I imagine this games online elements will consist mainly of microtransactions and quest downloads, but I don't hear the other elements of an MMO like PVP or social interaction beyond PVE.

Let me be clear. I know the game is still in development.

So there is hope for some of the other elements. Chances are if it doesn't walk, quack or float like a duck, calling it a duck is just gonna get duck enthusiast riled up.

But those people looking for KOTOR 3 will have a great game.

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