So my strickly Imperial Friend has created an alt account with a Rebel on it! After I found out about that (which is fine for me since I'm a badge collector), I had my spy take some incriminating photo's. here he is, palling around with some Heroes of the Rebellion.

I believe that everyone should play all aspects of the game. SWG is a large and diverse game with things to do for each profession. When I first started playing 6 years ago, my main intention was to be self-sufficient. This leads to playing alot more of the game selection than just combat, and as a result it increased my knowledge of the games and the different sub-sections involved with it.


TriadDragon said...

Let's not act like there aren't a ton of photos of you and Han too. But the funniest is still the old ones I have of both of you with Borvo lol

Koga W. said...

Lol, be that as it may, I'm more a badge collector than a hardline Imperial!