AFC (Away from Cat?)

A quick edit about the last post. The Kitster Banai Tournament Pack is available now for $10, not 10 event passes like I'd posted. The event passes pricing is the price for entry to a tournament on the actual tournament weekend.

I finished getting the spy to 90 and his pet was about 24 levels behind. Taking that time to buff up on my macros, I placed him in a level 65 spawn area and well... left. So far he's been able to get 1 level, but like an idiot, I forgot to write a macro that kept giving him the XP stim. That problem was fixed this morning, and when I get back to him I'm hoping for at least another level.

The good part about the stim is that with around 15 uses, at 15 minutes a use, it goes for just under 4 hours, which is a good amount of free time. Leveling a toon, much less leveling 2 toons can become a grind alot faster than you'd like, and you get tired of seeing the saem content more than once.

The interesting thing I learnes about the cat though is that he has a special called Flank that gives an increased chance to Crit. You can find out more about these at It not the greatest special, but for a profession like Spy that can get a good boost from crit it's a good move. It's also something to think about if you are a BH, since Cats are a good single target killer. I've toyed with the idea of moving the BM to BH, and letting the spy go solo, but since he is a PVE spy, having a pet that can tank and do damage without needing alot of heals is a good thing.

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