Random Thoughts

Is this to much, or am I just jaded about a storyline that went on way to long? I like the art on the preview so far, but Lucas Arts and affiliates need to start progressing their stories as opposing to going back and retelling other peoples points of view from the same situation. At least in my opinion they do.

I got the email about the new class that is released for The Old Republic, and it does seem a bit... expected. I guess TOR is still shaping up to be heavily inspired by the Clone Wars. I just find it odd, that so many people on their forums want to game to be like Galaxies at was at launch.

Yes it's 5 days later, but if you didn't read the producers note from last week I suggest you do so. I think there might be something in there for everyone. Personally I'm lookng forward to the new swords, and the Galactic Marine armor looks nice (minus the color), but it would make a nice display set. I started grinding 2 new toons months ago, to relive the content, and as such stopped hitting up Hoth as a heroic, so I don't have my ice crystal, or my snowtrooper armor yet. That's gonna be something I'll have to do again soon.

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