Friday Fan Fest

This review is also on the landing page of the Star Wars website, which actually makes it kinda funnier. It is however very true.

The fan art section for Galaxies has been updated with some new pieces. I think you should check it out, there are some people who might be professionals making work in there.

Last week the Friday feature was about the making of the game on a day to day basis. I'm sure the GPD forum was disappointed that they didn't see any actual hamster wheels in the pictures! It was however interesting to note that it looks like they are mostly a Dell shop. I saw an XPS, and some definite Dell monitors, and that leads me to think Dell Servers as well. It's a pretty interesting read if you care about the process they go through to get the finished product to you. It's also kinda nice to know they talk to LucasArts at least once a week.

That last part is probably the thing that sometimes holds the game back from spiraling in total fan fiction, and I'm not saying that would be a bad thing. I think SOE makes great games, and comes up with good ideas and I'm still not 100% sure that the CU and NGE rollouts weren't mandated from LA, rather than implemented as good measure from SOE.

Now I'm gonna hav eto rebuild my decks again soon. I've gotten a few Shadow Trooper cards and they are good mid range, as well as a few more wookie, jedi and Singing Mountain Clan cards, which can make a jedi deck offensive (at least in my opinion).

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