Know your role?

It takes a certain amount of gusto to go from watching and enjoying something to dressing and pretending you live in that world. I imagine games like ours make that transition a bit easier, but there is still that final step.

Maybe that's why things like this don't really surprise me anymore.

I know people in the 501st and depending on where you are and which 501st is showing up for that area, they can be a good sight, or a bunch of people that annoy you. That group may look more like jango than any other though!

In other news the preview for update 10 came out last friday and I think it's gonna be a decent solution to where combat happens.

Alot of people like to think that the GCW happened in and around the core, but at least according to the movies, the majority of the conflict was in the outer rim for a long time. Sure episode 6 had the celebration at Naboo, and Coruscant toppling the statue, but in flash cuts like that you can't assume everything is happening simultaneously. They wouldn't even know where the Emperor was, much less when he died.

The same principle applies here, in that teams can actually que up for battlefields and the numbers will be even, as opposed to the rapid escalation and deterioration of numbers in our sporadic fighting now.

Here's looking forward to more information about the rest of the patch.

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