A New Day

It's been a while since I posted and quite a few things have changed.

First, and perhaps most permanent, Galaxies has sunset.

I won't kid you, if you've ever been apart of a MMO for a while and watched it close, then you know that it's not something you easily move on from. Perhaps it' the time investment, or the community, but either way, it's a part of you retiring with the game. I hadn't been an active member of the Galaxies community for over a year, and had missed alot of the really groundbreaking additions like atmospheric flight (I know right) and the really cool GCW, but I did re-up and was there to watch my screen log me out for the final time.

Now i want to break the .tre files and get the music. There will never be anything like the login server music for me, and while the game is gone, it's long from forgotten.

Secondly, having been away from the posting game for half a year, I've decided to move to a less rigorous schedule. You can expect new posts once and week, hopefully every Tuesday before last call. That's right, I'm calling it a new 52, and I'm hoping to have more substantive content than before, or at least more of me talking about gaming and gaming culture.

Yes, there will still be videos, and I may even comment on them!

Thirdly, in case you were wondering, I also am playing The Old Republic. My wife-to-be got a fantastic idea and gave me the Collectors Edition for Christmas (Merry belayed Christmas, btw), and while I couldn't bring myself to play as either a jedi or a sith, I can say I am thoroughly enjoying the Commando story.

(Side note: the jedi and sith from Bioware tend to be waay to petty for my likings however the trooper and bounty hunter decisions (which will be my first 2 storylines) are also totally inspired by Karen Traviss' work.)

It must be said again, that while I can see they have some MMO design, and I hear from some long term WOW players that it is a very similar game, The Old Republic can definitely be played as a Single Player RPG. Weirdly enough, I'm not finding a lot of weird names like you would in most MMO's, though playing on a medium population server might be affecting that as well.

Just for fun and old times, here's a nice overview trailer.

I think that weird fact alone would make the game seem unappealing to non RPG fans, but once you start playing you'll see how this is going to go. The fairly intuitive light/dark decision meter is back, and you'll be saving puppies and finding immigrants all over the galaxy like you did in KOTOR. Also there will be alot of lore to catch up on if you missed Bioware's first run in the Star Wars universe with Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), from which this is a definite sequel.

There are/were a ton of games that I missed saying anything about from Batman to Saints Row and all the Battlefields in between and a lot of upcoming games that I will want to talk about so please check back in weekly, and in the downtime feel free to check out the FirstWorld comic from a friend of mine at www.tangent1985.com

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