This is why it rules!

The summer Steam sale is in full swing, and by that I mean offering really great deals on games you probably recently wanted, or at least thought about wanting at a discounted price. Take Shogun 2 for example. Feudal Japan, strategy, new release, all at $29.99, which is 40% off it's regular $49.99. Great buy for a game that just launched like 2 months ago, and has a 90 metacritic average.

I bring these deals up for a reason. Valve is a game company, well really, they're an online retailer that also makes great games. But they provide a service and an incentive. They bring the prices down if you wait, and continue to offer a variety of games throughout the year with their daily and weekend deals.

Vastly worth it.

Plus they add in an online always downloadable library and cloud storage, and the ability to manage and play along with friends easily, as well as direct voicechat.

Origins lets us download EA games, and there's really only one thing about it that bothers me and this is from the Origins FAQ:

Q: Will my game download ever expire?
A: Digital download rights remain available for at least one year after purchase. Origin typically doesn’t retire games, and we’ve only retired around 10 of the 150 games we sell, and these have generally been because of the expiration of licensing rights. If you come across an issue, simply contact Origin Help and we'll reconfigure things for you.

Other than that, it seems like it a perfectly valid service, but not something I'm going to leave Steam over, especially with Team Fortress 2 being free to play.

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