I care out this for Bioware

For me, it's been a slightly disappointing year for MMO's. I'm not playing Rift and maybe I should be, but there have been an amazing amount of quality titles available this year, plus a backlog of previous games to finish. Which is part of why I'm finding myself not fully caring about The Old Republic. I've been a part of the Star Wars culture, went to SW Weekend this year, and played Galaxies for years (in addition to other SW games), but something about TOR doesn't feel fully realized, and I don't think it's just the art.

It's obvious Bioware is putting alot of time into the game, considering we don't know when it will be released, but equally obvious is that it's their first MMO, and voice acting alone won't save a game. I also am not a fan of the Clone Wars visual style, but no changing it now. But even with all of that, I must say the end of this video made me laugh. Sure it's alot of the same throughout, but something about that stab is hilarious.

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