Recommendations from the past

There is a new batch of games coming out that you may have heard of. Everything from Duke Nukem Forever (maybe), to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, to Brink and Skyrim. There's really only one thing they have in common.

3 year old specs.

The market for building a computer is incredibly competitive and while hardware manufacturers are making sure to let you know how fast their product is, soft isn't fully keeping up. It happens like this quite often, and it's not a surprise. The recommended system requirements for most of the games I've mentioned are something along a Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB of ram, and and Nvidia 8800. All products from a few years back.

Whether or not this is good news though is up to you. If you haven't rebuilt in a few years like me, then you can still game on, though not with retina blurring framerates. If you're in the market to rebuild, then you can easily knowing that the upcoming titles won't push your limits, and if you're in the opinion that most PC Game makers are just making PC ports of their console titles, then you're probably being justified.

Though it doesn't matter as long as they are good.

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