Making comparisons

Originally I wanted to say something about the entry cost for PC gaming. I eventually will get to it, but something caught my eye.

EA is talking trash.


This time, they're boasting Star Wars:The Old Republic as taking down the World of Warcraft. It's one thing to be proud and sure of your product. It's another thing to make comparisons. Yeah, WoW has 12 million subscribers, and that's something to definitely go for monetarily, but why mention it. For some reason, EA (of all companies) is thinking it's an underdog this year, and calling out all the big titles they're going after.

Battlefield 3 will take down Call of Duty. Star Wars:TOR will beat WoW.

It's insane.

I think Battlefield 3 will be a great game. I hope it brings some team based objective fun to the genre, and I hope they learned to add some maps (something Bad Company 2 didn't learn soon enough). But EA made a direct shot at CoD with Medal of Honor (a series that used to be a top dog as well), and it was a bad shot. TOR's not looking much better.

Why, because they're losing focus on what they should be doing, which is making the best of their product. Say what you will about Black Ops, Treyarch packed that disc to the gils with content, and people love it. EA on the other hand some content that should have been unlocked on the disc, and never as a DLC, and while Vietnam is fun, 5 maps is weak, especially since you didn't add maps for all the original DLC type (which would have extended the offerings' value.

The biggest claim that The Old Republic has is voice acting and an immense storyline. I just can't get behind that as the solution for an MMO. Star Wars is a huge vehicle... for George Lucas, but it alone doesn't just jump into other media and make it great. Bioware is a great developer, but what's the endgame for ToR (this is their first MMO).

I'm sure someone has thought about all these things (I hope), but it sounds like the people who are talking to the media, have forgotten all the other things,

like gamers don't just play one game.

And the only game EA should be playing are mentioning is their own.

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