If there's one thing Aperture Science know (p2)

Fancy video's showing the puzzles?


Indie games released with vague references to upcoming title?


Fooling the public, by slipping vague reference containing indie games into plan to release the PC version of the title early?

Brilliant! and Check.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, the geniuses at Valve, the company that makes Steam, and the upcoming Portal 2 game, released a small bundle of games about 2 weeks ago. Steam is an online content delivery system. You purchase PC games from them, and in turn they are associated with your account and downloadable to your PC. And Steam offers great sales, especially if you keep an eye out.

So they make a game and market it (Portal 2), then they take other games they already sell (potato sack deal), and sell them at a reduced price. But they also tie in some vague hints and puzzles in the games. Then they subtly inform you that by playing those games, you can unlock Portal 2, (which can already be pre-loaded on your PC) early. Brilliant way to market their game, other peoples games and please fans.

And if we don't unlock it early, then it still comes out on Tuesday.

If you want to see how we're doing, then check out the update page. And of course, head to Steam, setup an account and get to gaming.

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