Delays and debuts

Apologies for the recently missed posting updates. I honestly plan to get a post up, and it never seems to work out that way.

I recommend keeping an eye on your Steam account, as lots of pre-orders for upcoming games are going live. That is to say, you can already pre-order Crysis 2, and Portal 2. One will definitely push our rig and the other will definitely push your brain.

Specifically, this seems to be the year of the sequel. For PS3 fans, Killzone 3, we've already mentioned 2 sequels to great games, plus Dragon Age 2, whats looking to be a great romp through Ferelden one more time, and later this year Skyrim, the next epic Bethesda Elder Scrolls game, and Mass Effect 3, the game that should bring it all to a close.

The demos for both Lego Star Wars and Dragon Age 2 should be available on your specific consoles today (if not already) so feel free to jump in and try it. I plan on holding off just a bit to ensure that I don't get any spoilers or surprises from the demo. I want it all to be in game.

People clamoring for more Old Republic will should also be able to jump into The Old Republic MMO sometime this year, and those of us that love lego's will be able to continue the Star Wars-athon with Lego Star Wars 3 (which, I'm sure covers a movie and series I don't watch).

Plus we're also looking at the new Nintendo 3DS this year. So far we're off to an epic year.

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