Black Expansion

So the first map pack for Call of Duty:Black Ops releases tomorrow, and unlike it's predecessors in Modern Warfare 2, this one comes with badges! It's not really a surprise, since Treyarch loves adding badges into their multiplayer experience, but it will be interesting to see how well this expansion sells.

Black Ops lept past Modern Warfare 2 in sales, shortly after it's release at the end of last year. It's still a huge seller, and is honestly a pretty well packed disc with alot of content. The maps will add on some more maps for both the multiplayer game and the much needed zombies. The good part is that the multiplayer maps on disk, are already way more than their competitors, except Halo. That is to say that a great multiplayer game really needs to have a variety of maps, and adding in the badges for escaping on floating platforms and monkeys will bring some more diversity to their already out there Zombie game.

I can't get into Zombies, not just because of my pre-programmed aversion thank to Michael Jackson's Thriller, but also because of the fact that it really is the only game type that requires a group, and I don't have a set of friends that will take on the situation. Here's hoping I'll be able to pick up some of the badges eventually.

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