The Annoyed List

Honestly, there are alot of things I like and love about video games but the are just as many things that bug me. Here's a few:

DLC released a few weeks after launch.
When a title launches less than a month before it's first map pack, it make me wonder why the map pack wasn't just included in the launch. I know it's a blatant money grab and that really insults me (EA/DICE I'm looking at you). Medal of Honor isn't even a full multiplayer experience, and it only has enough maps to feel like its a demo. Combine that with a pay to play resell strategy and you've got a lesson in fail. If you're planning on mining money with maps, make the playing free. If you're planning on paying to play for people who buy the game used, at least give them a product worth the multiplayer experience. And don't tout your gun club as anything worthwhile. It's definitely not there yet.

Slimmed down sequel offerings
Both Fable III and The Force Unleased II were games riding the wave of their predecessor. While I imagine Fable III will receive some decent content upgrades, the first Force Unleashed only received overpriced short content, and considering the sequel was the length of a good DLC I don't expect stellar DLC. I'm a fan of well thought out additions to a game, but consoles should in no way be making sequels just to tell the next 15 minutes (and charging full price for them). As a note, I hope Call of Duty is listening, but considering how many things it did correct with MW2, and how much love World at War got, I imagine they already know.

Actually, this doesn't bother me that much, but surely there's some other horror monster that can also use a revival. Mummies, Frankenstein monsters, Golems maybe?

Direct Comparisons
Everyone compares the next MMO to World of Warcraft. Not every MMO is WoW, nor should it be. Not every MMO is gonna be huge, nor should it be developed with that type of money in mind. More games, both of the MMO and the traditional variety should plan to stand on their own feet and create their market, not take shots at the ones that did.

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