Multiplayer Badging (The Bane of My Existence)

I admit it, I love to collect badges.

It's not something I always had, but as I've played games over time, I've eventually forgotten if I ever completed something, or just heard about it. I view badges as a checklist of I've been here and done that, and yes I've led a better digital life than you.

That last part may be true.

Overall though, they represent to me the best part of a gaming experience. Enjoying all the content the developers added in, whether you knew it or not. Some are challenges, and others are punishments, but they all are worth some weight, and that's what gets me mad.

Infinity Ward got it right with shooters. No badges in the online experience. Why, because you don't control that area, and if you do, you're boosting. Which is just padding your stats. Collecting badges in a multiplayer pvp experience is the equivalent of getting lucky, and being able to brag about it. Now don't get me wrong, there may be some multiplayer badges that are worth it, but running over a guy in a helicopter or getting 20 kills by destroying the building the people are in is really just luck (Battlefield I'm looking at you). They may be fun to see happen, but there's almost no way you can control it happening, and when you luck into it, you shouldn't be rewarded.

In the end, it makes you want to boost, or spend so much time doing something stupid that your team wants to hate you. I never thought that the guy who kept avoiding the objective might have been trying to get a badge, and now that I've doing it myself, I'm really glad that my team ended up winning while I wasn't trying.

Otherwise, I might feel bad.

I'd get through it though.

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