BioShock's Third Chance

I was never a fan of the original BioShock. When it was still an upcoming game and was going to be a PS3 exclusive, I always thought it sounded interesting. All the interviews discussed how the art and setting had this particular feel, and the game was going to explore a real nuclear family type alternate fictional setting where people really had digressed morally when exiled and left to their own devices. I can see that influence in the game, but the hype had the game being about choice and consequence.

That was my main hook and interest.

The press really sold me on this game where the world was about choice and the decisions you made, even down to combat, really affected the potential outcome. That never happened. I imagine they planned to get around to it, but in the final game that I played it seemed to be left out. I ask people who loved the first game why they do, in hopes that they can explain what I'm missing from what is really a bland shooter with low ammo, but infinite respawn and persistent damage so all you have to do is keep coming back to win, and all I ever get is that they love the idea.

I understand loving the idea, but to me it's free to love and idea and I get mad when I have to pay for an idea I like that I never get. With that said, it looks like BioShock Infinite is going to be able to dabble in that world for everyone to see. This time it looks like their leaving the magical world of under the sea for the magical world of up in the air, and while the art looks great, I now wonder what imaginary game idea they will offer up to not deliver on.

Take a look!

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