Too much goodness

It's nice that my 200th post was about the new Xbox. For me that console has pretty much defined this current generation of consoles. Great pricing, a fantastic game library and the model for online subscription service.

Now I find myself in the middle of E3 with too much to talk about. This E3 is definitely making me proud to be a gamer. Deus Ex, Medal of Honor, Crysis 2,SW:TOR, just to name a few and every time I turn around it's just more to the pot.

Where to start on some lovely updates:

In case you didn't know DCUO has an official date: November 2, 2010. Looks like there is a solid contender to the throne that Champions Online is sitting on.

Now the real meat and potatoes is the brewing FPS war between Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. The MoH revamp is set in Afganistan only and from the looks of the trailers is freaking fantastic. Looks like Dice really upped the ante a bit from Battlefield and EA is taking a good shot at the CoD fans. However on the opposite side Call of Duty:Black Ops is also looking to surpass the overwhelmingly high bar it's predeccesor Modern Warfare 2 set. Personally I don't think it's that hard to do with a great single player, some innovative co-op and multiplayer with continual add-ons, and guess what it's got all the above.

Also on notice is the beauty that X360 users will be getting first shots at the content as the case may. Sorry Playstation and PC.

And just to round off my favorite topics so far, Metal Gear Solid is coming to the 360 with what is definitely one of the best looking trailer demo's so far. It's cuts to the core of what Raiden is, and for all of you who haven't played the series up til now, well go do that.

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