Cracking Down on Crackdown

So the past 24 hours has been a wild ride.

Apparently Microsoft put up the Crackdown demo with a slight glitch. Though the game is supposed to lock you into a 30 min timer with advanced leveling, you were able to remove your ethernet cable right as you start the game and stop the timer to play indefinitely.

So what's the big deal. Well when you see people making videos on how to get around it, I suppose you get a bit mad, and develop a patch to stop it.

So yesterday, I really played the demo for about 3 hours straight, and not in 30 min increments. Honestly, this was better, cause 30 min in just enough to make you mad, as you have to mad dash to try to get anything really done. And considering how much of the map is restricted from you, it's just frustrating, especially since all the cool stuff you want to learn about/do are so high level you'll have about 2 min to try it if you're lucky.

Personally I don't think it's possible to get the glide suit in 30 min. And that thing is fun. So here's the skinny.

Strength stays on target with this game, considering that it was the go to staple for stomping gangs in the last game, this time your strength will allow you to rip off and carry stationary turrents, pick up lampposts and swing em madly, and smash the ground causing beautiful damage to those in the area of effect. You'll find yourself tossing and throwing tons (literally) of stuff at a mob of bad guys.

The freaks come out at night. in droves. and packs... and well let's just say you'll be in a mosh pit of monsters, because they make sure to fill the screen. There are vastly more freaks out at nights than humans during the day. So much so to the point that they just try to mob you. It's great melee experience.

Guns and explosions result in better guns, and driving equals better cars. Unlike the first game, you unlock better cars as you get better, and this time the agency vehicles actually drive fairly nice. I perfer the buggy to the supercar, but the supercar still is fast. Also expect the bad guys to have turrets mounted on their car every now and then. It makes it interesting when you start wreaking havok and all of a sudden your worlds getting smashed.

The glide suit takes some getting used to. This is the reward for max agility. The best reason I can find to use it, is to break your falls, which alone is good enough, but the other good use is that you can dive and swoop with it after a while to let you really cover some distance. It's totally worth it, since falls can kill, and everyone knows the main reason you play Crackdown is to hunt some orbs and see some heights. No one wants to get kicked off the top of a building to their deaths!

Overall, I can't recommend CD2 enough, as an action sandbox, it doesn't disappoint on either, and while the demo was definitely trying to make you work for it in some places, I'm sure the main game will demand skills for kills.Check it out!

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