Being the Bat!

Finally being able to get around to starting and besting Batman: Arkham Asylum, I would say I'm off to a good week. This is one of the best superhero games around, and you can tell the team really became invested in the Batman experience. From start to finish you feel like you are in Arkham Asylum, and despite all the crazies there, you don't ever feel too overwhelmed.

So this is what it's like to be Batman.

The only real downfall that the game has, if one can call it that, is that I feel like I fail to live up to character. Every situation the game throws at you is a perfect Batman setup. nothing seems overly contrived or out of place for any of the villians, but when you get your butt kicked, you can't help but think, man Batman would have beat that no problem.

He also would've figured that out faster, and probably survived the whole night without getting his suit torn.

I imagine though if being reminded that you aren't Batman is the price you have to pay for an excellent game (well that and $49.99), then it's worth the trade off.

Here's hoping they don't ruin/rush the sequel!

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