Flashback to the past

Playing God of War 1 is an interesting experiment. I played the game on the original PS2 and at thought the graphics were nice. This of course was at a time when I was playing PC games and starting to see just how beautiful graphics could be. Now looking at the amount of overhaul they put into the in game graphics in order to make it better on the PS3 just makes me have to commend them.

The game itself is a fun action button masher, and if you haven't played any in the series by now, then you're living in a cave. The 1 disk duology of both GOd of War 1 and 2, has been remastered and updated with new graphics for the next gen system. All of this was just in time for the release of God of War 3, which is of course a huge Blockbuster title like the two before.

For $29 though, I call this a great deal, even if you played one of the games before.

The only thing I really wished was that they'd updated the cutscenes as well, but you can't have it all.

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