Super Sleuth

Many thanks to the crew at Kotaku for pulling all these articles together. It gives you a larger picture of the potential goings on behind the Activision/Infinity Ward saga.

You probably know that two high ranking members of IW got fired this week, well they also responded by suing Activision. They claim that Activision used some heavy handed tactics to force them out. Well Activision isn't taking that lying down. Not only are they disappointed in the former employees, but they're conducting a search for documents that show IW was shopping around for other publishers.

It's all crazy, but here's the quick rundown. IW believed they owned the rights to the Modern Warfare name (thus the change to MW, after it had been Call of Duty for all those years), and Activision believes that IW was planning on leaving or branching off with one their million dollar product. Activision only has 3 games that really brings in the money.

Now the part that matters to us gamers is really the fact that Treyarch will be continuing on with the future fo Call of Duty games. Which time will tell if it is a good or bad thing, but either way we'll have this lovely drama to watch unfold.

Well at least for the next week or so, After that Dragon Age: Awakenings releases, and I'm off to another land.

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