How would something like this work...

The Need for Speed World Beta is currently accepting applications, and honestly I'm interested. Not so much because I like the NFS games (I do), but because I wonder how an online MMO racer would work.

I'm used to certaing types of MMO's. I started off with Planetside, and then Galaxies. I tried Everquest 2 and Champions, and even did a beta test in there, but those were all straight forward, be a person in this world MMO's. The be a racer in this world concept I get, it's just the dynamics of the race that make me wonder. I get customization, I get cars aplenty, I hope there would be free world explorations (which would be a cool way to find new races IMO).

I suppose all the other traditions could apply though, clans CTF, etc.

The only disappointment I have for it, is that it is PC only, and while my machine can definitely handle the game, I just love NFS on my console.

Either way, I suppose we'll see.

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