It is the Age of Dragons

After dropping about 10 hours in Dragon Age so far, I think I can give my first impressions. The game itself is beautiful, even on a SDTV. It is also pretty large. At 10 hours in, I've only explored about 14% of the land, meaning there are alot of places to go and people/darkspawn to kill. The combat system is reminiscent of both Mass Effect and KOTOR, in that you make the decisions on the fly, which can be nice, but here they added flanking, backstabbing and movement into the mix, which ups the difficulty.

The real part that makes it a bit less intuitive is that targeting, from what I've done, doesn't fully tell you who you're looking at, expecially when they get in a pack. It's very easy to be targeting someone on the other side of someone else, and be missing as a result. Obviously the pack aggro is another nice difficulty setting, as getting in range of something will draw them and their friends, and if you don't have a relatively ranged party, then expect for some up close fighting.

I honestly think that Bioware took this into consideration, when they added the AI combat tactics, I just don't think I've setup my tactics to a point that my team does what I need them to. But overall, my deaths to win ratio is still high, and I've made some gray choices that I don't regret.

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