Come back to Galaxies

Star Wars Galaxies is offering a limited time return to the game for people whose accounts were closed. They do these trials periodically, and usually around the time of something big, and this time the something big is the Galactic Civil War update!

Looking at the patch notes it looks like they took a hint from Planetside and implemented something that is fairly dynamic.

I'm particularly excited to get back in game and see how my old friend is, as well as experience the new 60 FPS (not a big deal, but huge for a game that's 6+ years old), and check out the content that's been added in the last few months.

If you're a former Glaaxies player, you should check it out as well!


TriadDragon said...

Honestly, I didn't think the 60 FPS change would make that much difference until the first time I logged in to TC when it was on there. It was like playing a new game almost. Everything was so much more crisp and clean. Going back to play on live was like downgrading my video card lol.

The invasions are a blast too. The only bad part is that Jacie and I moved from Keren because buff houses into our space somehow (I had stuff spread out to where I couldn't place any houses but they managed to get 2 in there). So we moved to Diosis of Naritia this past weekend which will push them to a Metropolis and I get crafting bonuses again lol.

Hurry up and log in.

Koga W. said...

Yeah, the only big problem I've had so far is that they haven't actually let my account back in, which is a big problem in the trying things out part, lol