Surprisingly overpowered?

So I've spent some time with the Modern Warfare 2 mutliplayer. Of course it is very similar to MW1, as well as the World at War mutli, but there are some "additions"

The most controversial is of course the tactical nuke. At first I was like man that's crazy to get, but after looking at it, honestly it's just worth it. Alot of the reviews make it seem out of proportion in comparison to the other benefits, but it's worth it. The only way to get that benefit is with a 25 man kill spree. If I can get 25 kills on the other team without dying, well I deserve to do something outrageous, and you deserve to have it done to you.

I say that after having a nuke dropped on me. We really should have killed that guy at least once.

The others though are nice, and really effective in slowing progress. The harrier and pave assault helicopter aren't really new, but the added benefit is being able to gun from them remotely. That can really shut down a demolition game for the opposing team (* I got shut down)

My personal favorite new addition though is the supply drops. Mostly because these can be captured by either team and then used. You pop smoke in the general area you want the drop and a heli will come and try to deliver. The fun part is it's announced and icons show for the drop location, so it can be a mad dash, especially if you want them to all come to you.

Having a machine gun turret sent via airmail is pretty darn fun and rewarding.

Overall though, I would say so far the pvp is balanced. I haven't run into any really overpowered perk users, and the weapons are fun and powerful, yet separate enough from each other.

Maybe it's me, but there also seems to be alot more challenges this time, and the xp seems to flow alot faster. Even though I've still got some time before I've been playing for a whole day, it's nice to check the leaderboards and see I've got the best accuracy of my friends!

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