Riding the wave of announcements

So the announcement of The Force Unleashed II, is still a bit of a surprise to me. If you haven't plaed the game, go rent it. It's a fun jaunt through a section of Star Wars Lore that no one really explores. It's not the greatest game ever, and there will be some parts of you that say "Really?", but think of it as an elseworlds tale. Everything that happens in the game is a what if scenario, that just happens to play out that way.

While I'm on the section of Star Wars, there is some more tragic news. Scrolling through a few of her posts and you can see some insight into why Karen Traviss won't be making the follow up to Imperial Commando. The reason is sound, and you owuld think LucasArts would have learned something from the fan response to the Prequel Trilogy. Don't get me wrong, I like EP3, but on a whole the PT could have been vastly better if it had been thought out, and even consistent. Also it's unfortunately a mining ground for sales. nowadays, and that's something that just makes it harder for me to care (that and the fact that I know the ending, so the middle has no drama).

Changing Mandalorians to Pacifists really does alter a ton of the backstory of the PT. Why pick a Pacifist Bounty Hunter to template your clone army? Why is a Pacifist even a Bounty Hunter in the first place, and considering how much other content is based off Mandalorians being a warrior culture, what is the plan to mesh them back into society? It would have been a better plan to make Mon Cal Pacifists, or just create another race than to muck around in a working formula, but it's fiction, and making sense is never priority #1.

Thank God we have Robot Chicken!

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